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PyLookup Django: Django Documentation Lookup in Emacs

Edit: I’ve submitted a pull request that will render step 3 obsolete. I will update this article when it’s merged. These instructions can also be used for NumPy. Edit edit: The pull request has been merged, rendering step 3 obsolete. … Continue reading

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Emacs Send to Email Command

I’ve been using Emacs for nearly all my editing for a couple years now, and I’m getting more hungry for highly personalized customizations. I often need to email files I’m working on, so I wrote up this little command (Throw … Continue reading

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BlogTuner: Download + Add + Tag MP3s

Discovering music through blogs is one of my favorite internet pastimes. I’ve built a tool for Mac OSX that makes it easier to bring music from blogs into your iTunes library. BlogTunerĀ is a super quick and easy way to add … Continue reading

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Installing Emacs MMM-Mako Mode

For my job at Hulu this summer, I’ve been developing a RESTful web service and web based frontend using CherryPy and Mako Templates. Since Mako uses a mix of its own syntax, HTML and Python, syntax highlighting won’t work out … Continue reading

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Why Rocks the Decks

The 21st century’s response to the mixtape, brings music to our virtual social lives. Didn’t Myspace already do this? Well, no. At least not nearly as well as Turntable is poised to. So what’s so great about Turntable? In … Continue reading

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Exploring Caches and Spatial Locality with C

Could a simple change in the layout of a data structure in memory result in a 20% reduction in performance? Recently in my Digital Systems Organization and Design class, we have been discussing data caches in modern processors. As a … Continue reading

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iPhone Tracking: Who Cares? You Should.

The tech community has sounded the alarm in the last couple days that our iPhones have been storing years worth of information on our whereabouts, down to an alarming level of detail. Surely this has been known by some for … Continue reading

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The Go Command

Alexey Komissarouk requested a modification to the cl command that opens the argument in the default text editor if it’s a file. The go command will open the file in the editor defined by the EDITOR environment variable. Place this … Continue reading

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Combining cd and ls Into One Command

Andrew Braunstein and I were discussing how one might add a shell command to change a directory and list it using one command. I’m sure anyone who uses the shell is familiar with cd followed immediately by ls. A search … Continue reading

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Automatic SOCKS Proxy for a Domestic IP Address

Update 2013-03-31: In Mac OS 10.8 (and maybe 10.7), the Airport name has been changed to Wi-Fi. The script should look like: trap “{ networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxystate Wi-Fi off; }” INT networksetup -setsocksfirewallproxy Wi-Fi localhost 3333 ssh -ND 3333 USERNAME@HOSTNAME While … Continue reading

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