BlogTuner: Download + Add + Tag MP3s

Discovering music through blogs is one of my favorite internet pastimes. I’ve built a tool for Mac OSX that makes it easier to bring music from blogs into your iTunes library.

BlogTuner is a super quick and easy way to add songs found online to iTunes, as well as to keep track of where those songs came from. Suggested workflow is as follows:

0. Install by double clicking the .zip file to unzip. Drag the application to your “Applications” folder, and then to your Dock so that the icon is easily accessible.

1. Go out, browse for music, and find a song you love.

2. Click and drag the link to that song into the BlogTuner icon in your Dock:
Click and Drag the Link
(Example from The Music Ninja)
Drop on the BlogTuner Icon

3. The song is automatically downloaded, added to iTunes, and the site you retrieved it from is added to the “Comments” metadata. A Growl notification pops up when the import is complete.

4. If you’d like, you can use the metadata to create Smart Playlists for any blog. This is how the setup would look for The Music Ninja:
BlogTuner Smart Playlist Setup

Click here to download BlogTuner from my Dropbox.

(Need I say it? This software runs well to the best of my knowledge but I offer absolutely NO warranty.)

Is this useful? Have you found any bugs? Would you be willing to make a Dock icon for BlogTuner? Drop me a line in the comments below.

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