I’m Zachary Wasserman. Halfway through my undergraduate computer science degree at Penn, I decided to share some thoughts. I have previously interned at Hulu and Opower, and will be working full-time at Facebook starting in 2013. I’m excited to move to San Francisco and dive into the tech scene!

I also enjoy rock climbing, photography, and world travel. Find me on Github, Twitter Flickr or see my India blog.

This blog is not being actively updated at this point, but I am currently working on Tenaya Consulting.


3 Responses to About

  1. Hey Zachary – I found your India blog while researching the Pindari Glacier trek which I’d like to do in May. Funnily, I then noticed you were in Berkeley (I work at UC Berkeley) and you are now at Penn (I’m planning to move to Philly in Sept) and that you’re a CS major (I did my PhD in theory of CS). 🙂

    • Zachary Wasserman says:

      (Tried to send this by email, but the address didn’t go through)


      Saw your comment on my blog… Crazy coincidences! If you have any questions about the Pindari Glacier trek, or your move to Philly, definitely let me know.

      Perhaps we can meet for a beer when you’re out here in the fall and I can hear how your trek went.


  2. Awesome – thanks! I may just ask you when I’m looking for a place. A beer sounds great, and I hope the trek happens. I saw you also climb; I mostly climb indoors (I will miss Ironworks here) but I am starting to go out a little bit too, so I’d be happy to learn about climbing and hiking spots there.

    PS: I think I put in my email correctly this time.

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